ThinkNation: ENGIE at University of Leeds
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ThinkNation: ENGIE at University of Leeds

On October 19, ThinkNation once again teamed up with global energy company ENGIE for a special Leeds University 'Think Tank'. "There need to so many more of these events" University of Leeds student participant Over eight hours, students collaborated with ENGIE mentors to tackle this BIG

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Abby Tomlinson

The big question: "Is social Media creating a selfish or selfless generation?"

Abby Tomlinson was one of the main drivers behind the #milifandom phenomenon during 2015 General Election. She writes for The Guardian, Huffington Post and runs her own YouTube channel 'WestminsterAbby'. Oh, and she's tipped to be PM by 2050...

Calum Chace

Artificial Intelligence commentator

If a robot takes your job, how will you eat?

Calum Chace is a futurist who writes and talks about the impact AI has - and could have - on society.

Meri Williams

Head of Technology for M&S Digital

Diversity isn’t just about the numbers. Do we need the “stick” of quotas, as has been somewhat successful in the Nordics? Or do we hope the best talent floats to the top?

Punk Science from Science Museum

Is space exploration expensive and pointless or the future of our species?

Punk Science is made up of comedians and scientists Jon Milton and Sam Furniss. Using live on-stage experiments and videos, they got to grips with why space exploration is a critical part of human endeavour... in their own special way!

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