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Accenture International Women's Day 2017

Inspired by Accenture's BIG 2017 International Women's Day question “How far can you go?” this ThinkNation event on March 1 gave young women aged 16-27 from across the UK with the opportunity to share their tech stories, drawing on personal experiences - both positive and challenging. Hosted by 

"How far can you go?" with Billie JD Porter

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Previous speakers include...

Abby Tomlinson

"Is social Media creating a selfish or selfless generation?"

Abby Tomlinson was one of the main drivers behind the #milifandom phenomenon during 2015 General Election. She writes for The Guardian, Huffington Post and runs her own YouTube channel 'WestminsterAbby'. Oh, and she's tipped to be PM by 2050...

Ben Towers

Award-winning young entrepreneur

Ben Towers has been making waves since the age of 11 as a multi-award winning young serial entrepreneur. In his inspirational talk he explained why age or background should never be a barrier.

Billie JD Porter

ThinkNation host

Billie is a critically acclaimed writer, documentary film maker and presenter (BBC and C4)

DJ Envy

DJ, music artist and performer

Mentor, planelist and performer

Envy’s debut album ‘Set Yourself on Fire’ was critically acclaimed while her track ‘Normal’ is soundtrack to Adidas "Creating Chaos" global football campaign. Producer and music writer Envy also presents her own radio show on Unity Radio 92.8FM.

Jake Davis

Ex-Anonymous member

"Hackers: heroes or zeroes?"

Former Anonymous and LulzSec hacker, Jake was arrested aged 18 and banned from the Internet for two years. Now works legitimately in information security as writer and consultant. Keen interest in prison reform and creating opportunities for young people.

Rick Edwards

ThinkNation host

Rick began his career on the standup circuit after graduating with a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University. He now works as a journalist, presenter and screenwriter.

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