ThinkNation + Project Twist-It: Smashing the poverty stigma

Working with young people from across the UK in creating debates, workshops, performances, and films - all aiming to smash the poverty stigma from THEIR perspective.

ThinkNation: Citizen of Nowhere collider

We live in an age of growing populism, demagogues, and extremes – which new technology has accelerated. The purpose of this two-day workshop was to explore how theatre-makers and creative technologists collaborate to influence the subsequent changes.

ThinkNation: Brighton Digital Festival 2018

On October 13, 2018, ThinkNation held a special event proudly part of Brighton Digital Festival and supported by Our Future City.

Use Your Voice: Engaging young people to register to vote

ThinkNation's collaboration with Use Your Voice set out to change the narrative for young people the UK's General Election in 2017

Accenture – International Women’s Day: How Far Can You Go?

Inspired by Accenture's International Women's Day question “How far can you go?” this event gave young women from across the UK the opportunity to share their tech stories, drawing on personal experiences - both positive and challenging.