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The National Theatre of Scotland was established in 2006 and has created over 250 productions. Being a theatre without walls, the Company presents a wide variety of work that ranges from large-scale productions to projects tailored to the smallest performing spaces.


William Galinsky is an artist, curator and creative producer. He was artistic director for Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2010-2017 and of Cork Midsummer Festival 2007-2010. More recently, he’s been developing a series of projects focussing on art, technology and civil society with the aim of helping artists have a meaningful input into the technological revolution which is reshaping the world.


Now is the time for art to influence and change the world.

National Theatre Scotland, Galinskyworks and ThinkNation collaborated on a two day arts-tech collider where over 40 Scottish and international theatre-artists and creative technologists worked together to explore how theatre and technology can address questions surrounding:

  • Artificial Intelligence ethics
  • Transhumanism
  • Technology and the environment
  • Political, moral and social impacts of disruptive tech

The collider’s aim was to explore the direction of technology in order to have a positive impact on society, bring people together, reinforce the notion of community, and reach new audiences.


Create. Critique. Iterate.

We used our own ThinkNation framework – which saw participants work in groups of between 6-8 people with mixed skillsets and backgrounds – to create, critique and iterate their questions and solutions over the the two-day collider. This framework (developed from the Design Stuido Technique) resulted in fast-paced, intensive but impactful workshops.

The eight groups created a question each on day 1, followed by a response to their question on day 2.

The groups then presented their responses to a live public and invited audience on the evening of day 2.

Questions generated & answered

Artificial Intelligence Ethics: “If AI was a Godhead 
how would its power manifest?”

Artificial Intelligence Ethics: “What if we could 
create a nation 
of artists through universal 
of AI?”

Defend or destory: "What if we could reduce the distance between our use of technology and its impact on the environment?"

Defend or destory: "What if utopia is now, is known - but we don't know who by - and is possible?"

Data, politics & the moral discourse: "How do we find the human in Big Data?"

Data, politics & the moral discourse: "What if we lived with an autonomous data-driven decision making social governance system?"

Transhmanism: “What if death was 
a choice?”

Transhmanism: “What if humans 
had warranties that could be voided?”


We had coverage of the event and the collider in a series of publications and by organisations including:

Collider participant Bill Thompson (Principle Software Engineer, Research and Development, BBC) also blogged about the panel discussion that followed a couple of days after the event. In the excellent blog, Bill reflects on the intersections of art and technology.

Like laws, code was created through human agency. It is just a story, like religion or a novel or the stories we tell ourselves in order to live, and like any other story it can be rewritten.

You can read his blog here.



Bill Thompson

Principal Software Engineer, Research & Development BBC


Bex Anson

Visual Theatre Director & Scenographer


Anthony Onumonu

Principal Software Engineer, BBC


Dr Jocelyn Spence

Human-Computer Interaction and Performance Studies


Mal Abbas

Game Designer, Artist & Producer


Ruth Catlow



Tom deMajo


Damien Smith

Founding Partner of ISO Design


Cat Harrison

Artist & Producer.


Max Dovey

Artist, Researcher & Lecturer


Heather Doran

Public Engagement Manager, Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science, University of Dundee


Albert Elwin

Artist & Programmer


Bronwin Patrickson

Creative Economy Engagement Fellow in Digital Design for SGSAH and the University of Dundee


Kai Fischer

Theatre Designer & Theatre Maker


Eve Nicol

Director & Playwright


Angus Farquhar

Freelance Artist


Lucy Gaizely

Multi-Disciplinary Theatre Maker


Roy Mudie

Leverhulme Application Specialist and PhD Student


Lynn Love

Digital Artist, Play designer & Lecturer


Dan Barnard

Theatre Director, Workshop Facilitator, & Teacher


Jasmine Cox

Development Producer, BBC Research & Development's Future Experience Technologies


Iain Simons

Director of Culture, BGI & Co-Founder of the National Videogame Archive


Martina Seitl

Experienced Artist, Co-Director, Innovator, Choreographer, Researcher, Experience Designer and Lecturer



Joe McAlister

Computational Artist & Privacy Advocate


Alan McKendrick

Writer, Director & Translator


Sean Yu


Rachel Alexander

Dramaturge, Lead Collaborator with Lundahl & Seitl


Lewis Hetherington


Rachel Briscoe

Artist, Director, Dramaturg, Producer and co-founder of fanSHEN


Robbie Thomson

Artist working with kinetic sculpture, robotics, sound art and theatre



Graham Eatough

Theatre Maker


Chris Cole



Rhoda Ellis

Artist, Sculptor & Creative Producer


Joseph DeLappe

Professor of Games and Tactical Media, Abertay University, Dundee


Simon Meek

Writer, Designer & Director