About ThinkNation NYC

ThinkNation humanizes the impact of tech on young people and empowers YOU to ask BIG questions. We do this through workshops, speaker bootcamps, films, talks and productions.

We will be holding two very special collaborative idea workshops at TechHub NYC on Saturday May 19 and Saturday May 20, alongside expert mentors from the tech world.

Aged 14-24? We need YOU to help shape the BIGGEST tech questions of our time.

It’s time to break down the barriers, challenge new ideas and think for the future. It’s even time to get philosophical! We want to hear YOUR ideas and views on the BIG issues that are affecting, and will affect, YOU:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, opportunities, implications… and global security
  • Technology vs. The Brain: Are YOU the cyborg generation?
  • Defend or destroy: How the environment is being affected by technology
  • Surveillance and YOUR privacy: What price is ‘free’?
  • Enhanced and longer life expectancy: With, and as a result of, technology

What then?:
After YOU create the BIG questions, ThinkNation will share them with other young people across NYC later in 2018, inviting young people (including yourselves) to apply to tackle them as a talk, or similar, at our MAIN NYC event in 2019 (example).

Got the passion to learn and make your voice heard? Then you’re already ready to be a ThinkNation trailblazer.

You don’t need to have ANY deep knowledge about these issues – just the curiosity to ask the questions you really want to know.

We’re open to everyone!

Choose from ONE of two sessions:

Saturday May 19:
– 11:30am: start
– 3pm: finish
Sunday May 20:
– 11:30am: start
– 3pm: finish

The prep:
Aside from filling out a short questionnaire after you’ve registered (so we can put you with the right mentors) all you actually to do is turn up on the day!

The BIG picture – into 2019:
ALL participants will be guaranteed an invite to either participate again as a mentor or attend the MAIN event in 2019 at a major NYC venue with range of global organisations from education, entertainment/arts, tech industry, sports, science and sustainability. This event represents huge opportunities and get noticed. You will also get a free pass to our pre-MAIN event ‘social’ in NYC.

Aligning to the UN Sustainable Development Goals:
Part of ThinkNation’s focus in 2018 will be to use some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as trigger, inspiration and education points for young people – and mentors. By doing this, we create a meaningful dialogue that helps ground all ThinkNation efforts and big tech questions in possible real world outcomes. This is immensely important for young people because you MUST be consulted on issues that impact you directly.

Example – SDG Goal 10, Reduce Inequalities – extract: “Ensure public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms, in accordance with national legislation and international agreements”

Potential topics and discussion points inspired by SDG Goal 10 issues that you could explore at the Discovery Stage workshops:
What are fundamental freedoms? Are they universal? How does surveillance and personal data online impact on these freedoms? Will these freedoms change in time? For whose benefit? Will right to privacy and fundamental freedom be a luxury in the future?



NOTE – Safeguarding personnel will be in place at all times.

Reading this, work in tech in NYC and want to get involved? Register as a mentor!


Our partner: Columbia Global Centers

ThinkNation is delighted to partner with the Columbia Global Centers. Columbia’s nine Global Centers facilitate collaborative engagement of University faculty, students, and alumni with the world in order to enhance understanding, address global challenges, and advance knowledge.

Working with the Centers, ThinkNation will inspire thought leaders and young people alike to break down silos and articulate fresh, new ideas and perspectives.

Learn more: Check out Columbia Global Centers to learn more about how you can get involved with the Global Centers around the world.

Venue:TechHub NYC

TechHub is the global community for tech entrepreneurs, supporting the growth of over 750 companies across the world, whether they’re founders getting started, or fast-scaling companies. Headquartered in London in the UK, TechHub is also in the US, India, Latvia, Romania and Wales with additional countries planned. TechHub member companies have been acquired by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Oracle and Microsoft among others, and have raised over $1 billion in funding.

Address: 158 W27th St

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