Liz Moran: The Gulbenkian

“Gulbenkian has been privileged to work with Lizzie Hodgson and the ThinkNation team.

Lizzie creates a culture of imaginative possibility.

“Throughout our collaboration she has demonstrated an energy, dynamism and ambition that has influenced our organisation and many others in our region to become much more forward thinking and innovative.

Liz Moran: Director of Arts and Culture, University of Kent

Billie JD Porter: BBC, Channel 4

“ThinkNation truly is the network I wish I had access to when I was younger. Through seminars, workshops, film screenings, events and meet ups, they connect young people to some of the most accomplished players in tech and beyond.

“It’s so difficult to get stuff like this right, and I’ve never seen an organisation get the tone of something so spot on.

“It never patronises, never condescends, never speaks down to.”

So many conference style get togethers are stagnant and difficult to sit through, but attendees of ThinkNation events leave truly inspired, and eager for more. The young people who are a part of this wonderful family keep coming back to all the events, and keep gaining invaluable insight and experience in their chosen paths.

“ThinkNation needs to keep expanding and growing – I really believe this is something that so many people will benefit from.”

Billie JD Porter: BBC, Channel 4, Vice and ThinkNation host

Caroline Hopkins: ENGIE

“Innovation must benefit future generations. But to make this a reality, you need a collaborative approach. You need ideas from different people across diverse backgrounds, perspectives and communities, empowering everyone to work together to create new solutions.

ENGIE is a global business but our success comes from interacting with people at a local level. And that’s where ThinkNation comes in.

“Through their engaging and high-energy bootcamps and events, they are helping shape and lead the debate on the big global challenges which we all need to be addressing.”

Caroline Hopkins – Development Director (UK & Ireland) ENGIE