Why ThinkNation

ThinkNation is an innovative, passionate, ambitious youth-focused organisation. We empower young people to explore the impact of technology on their lives through workshops, short films and events.

From the pragmatic to the philosophical, we believe our approach and methods could have a profound impact on social mobility and young people across the globe, especially regarding the impact of tech on their lives.

In order to develop our potential, we partner and collaborate with forward-thinking establishments and people who recognise the emerging challenges and problems created by technology, as well as the possible outcomes tech can offer young people today and in the future.

By using language they find meaningful, ThinkNation empowers young people to ask and tackle BIG tech questions about their future. Young people, as participants, do this alongside the very thought leaders who are shaping the world they will inherit.

Young people are empowered to learn, share and create in an environment where indelible, raw and sometimes life-changing experiences explode into reality.

We all need to push the envelope and empower young people to be part of CRUCIAL tech decisions that will impact their lives in ways we cannot imagine, both positively and negatively.

ThinkNation is both a pressure cooker and barometer: intense Discovery and Scouting bootcamps fast-track our young people from diverse backgrounds to deliver their perspective on big questions, and challenges.

The subsequent stories and views signal the collective state of a generation.

Our focus is on being truly inclusive: we believe ideas, and talent, can be found in everyone. This is why we work with young people aged between 14-24.

We have to all work towards a world where opportunities are open to all, wherever your life journey starts. It won’t happen accidently – and rarely happens without effort… or smashing a few silos.

Thought leaders, in turn, learn new perspectives and challenges from the young people, helping them break free of the echo chamber: We love working with true trailblazers as mentors in tech, business, academia, sciences and the arts.

All of these questions have been asked and answered at our events:

  • “Hackers: heroes or zeroes?”
  • “If a robot takes your job how will you eat?”
  • “Social media: creating a selfish or selfless society?”
  • “Women in tech: How far can you go?”
  • “Space exploration: pointless or the future of our species?”

In short, together we nurture confidence, identify talent and facilitate learning while helping articulate new ideas. Our process also surfaces fears, challenges and potential solutions to the biggest tech questions of our time.

Aligning ThinkNation 2018 to The UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Part of ThinkNation’s focus in 2018 will be to use some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as trigger, inspiration and education points for young people – and mentors.

By doing this, we create a meaningful dialogue that helps ground all ThinkNation efforts and big tech questions in possible real world outcomes.

This is particularly important for young people who have never been consulted on issues that impact them directly.

Our methodology

Create. Critique. Iterate.

We have developed and designed a framework that results in fast-paced, intensive but impactful workshops and bootcamps.

Our framework and process not only helps break down organisational barriers and silos, importantly it also creates an open, but focused, environment where all participants can learn about alternative perspectives and challenges, breaking free of the echo chamber.

It’s an approach that inspires, identifies new ideas and perspectives, takes thought leaders out of their bubble and crucially gives diverse voices a platform… while identifying raw, untapped talent along the way.

The “Create, Critique, Iterate” framework and structure (inspired by Design Studio techniques) empowers groups of people, from 10 to 200+, to collaborate, inspire, learn, share and ultimately produce:

    • Talks
    • Stories
    • Manifestos
    • Creative content
    • Event focus & questions

All this is achieved in a fixed time scale, from a handful of hours to a full day.

Our process enables participants to quickly communicate their ideas before collaboratively iterating and transferring them into a single story arch, narrative, idea or question. We find this approach not only focuses and empowers both the mentors and the participants, but also creates a number of additional outcomes and new ideas.

Events & Discussions

Part of our distinct identity is to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds, thought leaders in tech and creative trailblazers in one space for world-class events.


Working with young people and forward-thinking companies and global organisations, we design and deliver a range of events, bootcamps, hackathons to create ideas and solutions to BIG tech challenges.

Discovery & Scouting

Our Discovery workshops surface the BIG tech questions we all should be asking, while our Scouting bootcamps find young people - and potential new talent - to help find solutions to the questions.

Mentor experiences

ThinkNation mentors are crucial to what makes us so special. From C-level executives and hackers, to rappers and rally drivers, they bring insight, expertise and credibility to our collective efforts.

Documentaries & Content

ThinkNation develops, produces and delivers video content - from five minute talks, stories and performances by young people, to short documentaries.