Why ThinkNation

ThinkNation is an innovative youth-focused organisation. We bring young people from diverse backgrounds, thought leaders and artists together to tackle big societal problems, with main focus on tech as both an enabler and a challenger. We do this through workshops, talks, short films and events.

From the pragmatic to the philosophical, our approach and methods inspire and educate young people to ask and tackle BIG questions about how tech impacts our everyday life.

Our approach:
Create. Critique. Iterate: Our trailblazing framework utilises the expertise of mentors from tech, arts, business, science, creative industry, academia and sport.

Thought leaders, in turn, learn new perspectives and challenges from the young people, helping them break free of the echo chamber: By combining mentors’ experience with raw ideas of young people, we ignite tangible solutions, or ideas.

Since our inception, we’ve tackled these big questions and challenges:

  • “Hackers: heroes or zeroes?”
  • “If a robot takes your job how will you eat?”
  • “Social media: creating a selfish or selfless society?”
  • “Women in tech: How far can you go?”
  • “Space exploration: pointless or the future of our species?”
  • “How can we smash the poverty stigma online?”
  • “How can tech help the homeless?”

We all need to push the envelope and empower young people to be part of CRUCIAL tech decisions that will impact their lives in ways we cannot imagine, both positively and negatively.

The bigger picture:
ThinkNation aligns with the UN sustainable development goals which is a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, working together to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Example: SDG Goal 10 – Reduce inequalities Extract: “Ensure public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms, in accordance with national legislation and international agreements”

Topics inspired by SDG Goal 10 issues have included:

  • What are fundamental freedoms?
  • Are they universal?
  • How does surveillance and personal data online impact on these freedoms?
  • Will these freedoms change in time? For whose benefit?
  • Will right to privacy and fundamental freedom be a luxury in the future?

Inspired by the SDGs, young people – supported by mentors – create solutions through our Create, Critique, Iterate framework.

This way, we create a meaningful dialogue that helps ground all ThinkNation efforts and big questions in possible and real world outcomes. This is particularly important for young people who have never been consulted on issues that do, and likely will, impact them directly.

International Women’s Day: “How far can you go?”

Discussions |

Our methodology

Create. Critique. Iterate.

We have developed and designed a unique framework to deliver fast-paced, intensive and  imaginative events, as well as powerful content.

Our framework and process not only helps break down organisational barriers and silos, importantly it also creates an open, but focused, environment where all participants can learn about alternative perspectives and challenges, breaking free of the echo chamber.

It’s an approach that inspires, identifies new ideas and perspectives, takes thought leaders out of their bubble and crucially gives diverse voices a platform… while identifying raw, untapped talent along the way.

The “Create, Critique, Iterate” framework and structure empowers groups of people, from 10 to 200+, to collaborate, inspire, learn, share and ultimately produce:

    • Talks
    • Stories
    • Solutions
    • Manifestos
    • Creative content
    • Event focus & questions

All this is achieved in a fixed time scale, from 30 minutes to two days.

Our process enables participants to quickly communicate their ideas before collaboratively iterating and transferring them into a single story arch, narrative, idea or question. We find this approach not only focuses and empowers both the mentors and the participants, but also creates a number of additional outcomes and new ideas.

Smashing the poverty stigma: Project Twist-It LIVE!

Event wrap up | | 2:49