Better together

One of our core beliefs is that by working with diverse organisations – be they in the private or public sector – we surface new ideas and approaches, and possible solutions to big tech challenges that impact on young people, wherever they are.

But we can’t do this on our own. None of us can. We need to connect, collaborate, partner and galvanise all our efforts in addressing some of the most important tech issues and questions of our time.

We also need to lead by example. We have to work together in formal and informal ways to raise the visibility socially and economically excluded young people from diverse backgrounds. This takes effort. And it won’t alway’s turn out the way we expect – but we must try.

Though ThinkNation partnerships and collaborations, we can leverage ideas and insights of organisations beyond the echo chamber, while smashing silos.

In focus: Columbia Global Centers

ThinkNation is delighted to partner with the Columbia Global Centers. Columbia’s nine Global Centers facilitate collaborative engagement of University faculty, students, and alumni with the world in order to enhance understanding, address global challenges, and advance knowledge.

Working with the Centers, ThinkNation will inspire thought leaders and young people alike to break down silos and articulate fresh, new ideas and perspectives.

Learn more: Check out Columbia Global Centers to learn more about how you can get involved with the Global Centers around the world.

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Whether you want to discover what matters to young people, scout and empower untapped talent, create unique, distinct documentaries and content, collaborate or produce a world-class event, we’re here to talk.

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